Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

We say ‘Please Swami’ to ask Swami to solve some problem. How is the problem solved? – Annual Sports and Cultural Meet 2019 – Divine Discourse Summary – January 19, 2019

The kind of bond between Swami and his students is the pure bond of Love. This kind of pure love, devotion to God, proximity with the divine, surrender, cannot be seen in children of this small age anywhere else in the entire world, except for this Institution. When Swami is walking amidst you during Darshan, children and elders keep calling, ‘Please Swami Please Swami’. They do that in order to reach their prayers to me. I also tell them again ‘Please Swami’. Please Swami means to make Swami happy then all your difficulties and problems will be removed. 

God is witness for all the things that we do at all times, hence we should never commit mistakes and always tread the right path. If everyone conducts and behaves in a pious way and with righteousness, there won’t be any calamities in the entire world. When we remove selfishness and do even a little for others’ happiness then there will be peace at all places in the world and no disasters happen anywhere. Generally devotees think that God resides in their heart and so they are devotees. God resides in all, there is no difference in that. But devotees residing in God’s heart is the speciality. Ask Narasimha murthy, whenever possible I always enquire about what is happening in the campuses, what do they require, what arrangements we have to make for the children, and such things. I never speak anything else apart from this. The strength that selfless love has is much stronger than anything else in the entire world. All of (you) develop and share such selfless divine love. All the strengths will automatically come to you through that. 

Now times have changed. With time we also have to change. There is greater need for computers in our educational system. Everything is for our own good. It depends on how we use it. If education becomes better through these gadgets then I have no objection in using them in our education system. There is nothing wrong in it. But learn only good things through them. You have to have control on your mind. As you have performed in the sports and cultural activities to please me likewise you don’t study for yourselves but study well to please me. My purpose is that you be successful in all the things that you do. Know this that wherever you are, you have always been and will always be permanently residing in Swami’s heart. I don’t know whether I am in their heart or not but surely they are in my heart always. Let this bond of Love never break.