Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What are the steps to attain purity? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 25, 2017

For one to have the purity of mind, it is very important that one accepts things with discrimination. Of all the discrimination, the upper most or the epitome of the discrimination is Nitya anitya viveka that is to discriminate between that which is ephemeral and that which is eternal. This is discrimination to understand that this body with all its faculty is only temporary and everything that arises out of this body is also temporary in nature. For, the things that we experience through this body – whether in the form of vision, whether in the form of sound, whether in the form of touch, taste or smell – they last as long as the body lasts and not beyond.

However, there is joy beyond these senses which is permanent that is described by the Vedas as That which cannot be described in words and that which cannot be grasped by mind. That which does not come and go but comes and grows is that bliss that is beyond the perception of body and mind. Asukham Anityam (joyless and temporary) – this is the quality of this world in which we live. How do we get permanent in this temporary place? Chant My name, worship Me and pray to Me and that is how you will attain permanent bliss is what Krishna declares. (Viveka) is the first step in order to gain purity of one’s heart. The second step to this is Vairagya or detachment. Choosing the right thing is the capacity of detachment. Many people know what is wrong. They know what is right but they do not have the capacity to follow it. Dharma Adharma Viveka is also of no use unless and until you have the capacity to detach yourself from Adharma and attach yourself to Dharma.

There are certain things in this world that have to be learnt with experience and certain things with others’ experience. Likewise, you must discriminate, having seen others suffer due to doing wrong, you must avoid it. Therefore, give up the company of the wicked and the evil. Not merely giving up the company of the evil, you must also go and join the company of the good, don’t sit idle. All the time do good, day and night – engage yourselves in good deeds. That is possible only in good company. Every time man has failed in discriminating or despite discriminating has failed in detaching, has only been subject to sorrow. There is no other go. Whether you are here, whether you are at home, whether you are outside, whether you are studying anywhere – always go and look for good company and join them immediately.