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What are the two uppermost aims of an Avatar’s life? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 25, 2018

It is the life of every Avatar not merely Krishna which is represented by these qualities that apparently seem to be paradoxical or extreme. On one side, we see them performing very ordinary things like ordinary mortals; at the other side, we will see that they are the very embodiment of that ultimate wisdom. However, yet, they make themselves limited in a form and a name to be one amongst the human beings in order to teach them some of the greatest lessons of life through their own lives. Therefore, all Avatars are primarily born in order to teach this path of truth, this path of righteousness through their own life and conduct. For Krishna Himself declares The way noble ones conduct themselves in the society, that is the way the others will follow. The kind of example that they set for others that is what helps others lead a noble life. 

The Avatar’s life is primarily dedicated to this cause of upholding truth and establishing Dharma in this universe. Satya and Dharma are like His two eyes, like two hands, like two feet on which the Avatar walks or does things or sees things. What has happened then is exactly what is happening even now and will happen even in the future.  To uphold truth – the truth of one’s own divinity, one’s own reality – and to establish Dharma, the right way of leading one’s life, are the two uppermost goals or aims of an Avatar’s life. Those who uphold truth and who follow Dharma are the ones who are dearest to the Lord. 

While Bhagavatam describes the wonderful life and glories of Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, on the other hand, stands as the epitome of His ultimate wisdom. These two epics – the Bhagavatam as well as Bhagavad Gita – should form the two eyes, the two hands, the two feet of your lives where you understand the Lord’s way and also Lord’s message completely in a clear way. Ultimately realise that Lord is with those who are on the side of Dharma, who are on the side of Satya and He is ever protecting them by being the very embodiment of Satya and Dharma. As long as you follow the message of the Lord by upholding truth in your lives and by following Dharma, know for sure that His protection, His grace, His presence will always be there in your lives without any doubt. Continue to uphold truth and Dharma in order to have His grace in our lives and thereby be successful, be victorious and ultimately realise the truth of our existence.