Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What belief should the teacher have about the child? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 27, 2018

There is this Divinity which is present in every part of this creation without doubt. And the goal of education is merely to bring out this latent Divinity in the child through this process called culture or Samskara. When we educate a child, the Divinity within should manifest. If education today is achieving everything other than this, then it is no education at all. Removal of immorality is the way to immortality. We are talking about value education, we are talking about installing morality in the society through education and this is the way – when we remove all that which is not Divine in the person, what remains is Divinity. So, the good part is that the child is already Divine – you don’t have to make him Divine by certain efforts as you may imagine. 

Child is already Divine – first, believe in it; do not have doubts about it. It is born in the image of Divinity. There is no doubt about it. This faith, this truth should be firmly established in your minds. The ultimate wisdom and the realisation that one is Divine and so is everybody else and everything else alone can establish morality in the society, peace in the world. You call it by any name, any form, attribute anything to that Divinity based on your faiths and beliefs – it is not a problem as long as you believe that that Divine which is pure, selfless love exists in everything and everyone.  

Ultimately the future of the child, the future of the society, the nation and the world largely lie in your hands. Good teachers plus good students is equal to good nation. Therefore, most important, you develop this kind of feeling of Divinity and love, it will spread to the child. In every piece of iron, there is magnet. However, when it comes in touch with another piece of magnet, the iron also transfers into a magnet. You teachers have to be that magnet which comes in touch with this piece of iron and transforms it also into another magnet. Therefore, you must learn to be Divine first, you must learn to understand, appreciate that Divinity within through which you can transform the children. It is not complicated. Divinity is purity, is pure love. When you give up all the selfishness, when you give up all the self-interest and you love the children and serve them without any expectation but with only one hope and wish that they will realise their true Divinity and thereby find fulfilment, you have done your duty.