Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What benefit is the little Seva you do in Swami’s projects? – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Centre For Child Heart Care And Training In Pediatric Cardiac Skills, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – Divine Discourse Summary – November 09 and 10, 2018

Whether Hanuman Ramayana or Valmiki Ramayana, all Ramayanas have become too old for today’s times. Today’s children won’t believe in that Ramayana. This is Sai Rama’s path, Sai Rama’s way where all these people are walking, and they are building a new ‘history’, His-Story. They are building a new His-Story, new Ramayana for you, where people can see these things for themselves and they will know that such things which are considered impossible are possible because of Rama Bhakti 

A bridge was being built. A small squirrel in one corner, it saw, ‘Oh! They are doing such great work for Lord Rama.’ Something tugged at its heart. It also wanted to be of service. It would start filling the gaps between the stones, so that the path becomes smother. It went on doing. How much can a little squirrel do? But it did not think how much I can do. It thought, ‘I should do whatever I can.’ So, it kept on doing. Rama finally blessed the squirrel. Not only that squirrel, but generations and generations, the whole species of squirrel has become immortal because of the little seva that one squirrel did. Little seva that few Bombay devotees will do, the whole Bombay’s story will become immortal. It will become a part of Sai Ramayana. It will become a part of the history forever. And this opportunity has come your way. It was given to the monkeys and not anyone else has made the entire monkey race itself eternal. When we see any monkey running around, we think, ‘Oh, that’s Hanuman’ we will say. Likewise, they have already made their generation and generations to come pure by having offered their services with such a project.  

This is the bridge that takes you from death to immortality, from untruth to truth, from sadness to happiness, from humanness to Divinity. This is the hospital that is going to do that. And mind you, the first beneficiaries of the hospital are definitely children you can think, because their hearts will be corrected. But more importantly, you are the beneficiaries because your hearts will be transformed, not just corrected. Your hearts will be transformed so that you become Divine in nature. That is the glory of a seva project like this. In times to come, this will be etched in golden letters in the history, in Sai Ramayana. There are 15 days. So, there are 15 nights also. Let us not forget that. So, you have to think there are 15 days+15 nights. That is how this work will complete. What can happen in two days will happen in two hours now onwards. That Abhayam, Swami’s blessings you will see. What you think will take 2 days, suddenly you will see it is already done in 2-3 hours.