Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What can be considered as greatest Seva of present times? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 29, 2019 (Evening)

The best service you can do to society is to be an example. The mankind which is blinded by its own selfishness is unable to see what is right, what is wrong. The discrimination to understand which is right, which is wrong is lost in today’s times. Somebody who is more powerful becomes your ideal. Somebody who is more wealthy than you becomes your example. This way all wrong ideals and examples are being presented to today’s generation for them to follow. And the reason is behind this is because we only value things that are external. But nobody is making any effort to look inside and find the value of humanness which lies within every one of us.

It should be the effort of every person who is on earth in whatever professions, whatever work that they are doing to be an example to lead their life by the principle of truth and to earn a good name for oneself. There is a great dearth of exemplary people in the society. Whoever you are, whatever be your profession, whatever be your work, try to be an example for everyone else to follow – a good example. What you say may be forgotten but what you do will be remembered by everyone. Whatever efforts are being put to provide breakfast or some kind of nutrition to these children, definitely is one of the greatest Seva that can be rendered in present times. Of all the Seva that we are undertaking, Annapoorna is definitely an exemplary Seva and a great opportunity to set the society right.

The problems of the world are created by humans. And they can be solved by humans alone. God is only like a teacher who comes and tells us how to solve the problem but does not solve it for us. Therefore, it is time that we realise that the problems of the world, be it hunger, poverty, illiteracy, inequality, injustice, name it, all that is possible to be solved only if a few people in the world take it upon themselves to lead exemplary lives, to lead lives of sacrifice and thereby solve these problems. If you do selfless work, God will provide everything that you require. More and more children are being fed but nobody has been told, “We cannot help you.” How is it all possible? It is only possible because of the selfless love with which all of you are participating in this. There is no end to what good can be done if we all become pure and selfless. The people in power and position and authority will not be able to solve the problem of the world. But definitely the world’s problems can be solved with you all with selflessness in your heart, with courage in your hands, with conviction in your mind to solve the problems.