Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service



Again and again, you are born in this world. Again and again we die. Again and again we enter the wombs of the mothers. But immortality is far away. Only those who give up their selfishness and selflessly serve the fellow beings and fellow men, only they will earn immortality. Children who don’t get any kind of good breakfast in their own homes, when they get good breakfast, they are very very joyful. Not only that, when these people who are not related to them by blood or in any way, they come and give them breakfast, the children naturally develop spontaneously love in their hearts. It is natural that we feed our children but when you feed somebody else’s children thinking that they also belong to us, there will be great transformation in these children. For broad-minded people, the whole world is one family.

Some devotees ask the question to Swami, “Swami, what did You leave behind when You left this world physically?” It is not really the schools and buildings and hospitals that I left behind. I have left behind two important messages – two words.  It is written behind on the wall. ‘Love All, Serve All’. Love everyone and serve everyone. If one person who is well fed feeds another hungry person, there won’t be anything called hunger in the whole world. If one educated person helps another person who is not educated to get education, there won’t be anything called ignorance in this world. If one healthy person helps another person who does not have good health, who is having some kind of ailment, there won’t be any ill health in the whole world. If well-to-do people in this world help other people who don’t have any kind of wealth, there won’t be any poverty in the world. 

We have to utilise only those things, only that which we need and other things we should share with others. Human birth is a very sacred birth and he has to utilise this sacred life in a sacred way. This body is given to us to serve others. Human life is not just filling our bellies and sleeping. Life is not just eating, drinking and sleeping. God has given us this human body in order to serve and help others. People who are involved in this breakfast Seva have a very broad mind. Selflessly, thinking that all children are our children they went on feeding. And so, today the number of children has touched 100,000. Wherever you do anything with a selfless feeling, there is going to be only progress. That should be expansion love, that should expand. Expansion is life, contraction is death. Let us not contract our hearts and only meet death. Let us expand our love and heart.