Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What do you gain when you surrender to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 03, 2019

The path to God is the inward path. Though there are many external rituals and austerities that one undertakes but the goal of it all is to turn inwards, purify one’s mind and attain the realisation. Above all the things, our scriptures consistently insist upon purity of one’s mind, Chittasya Shuddhi. This purity of mind is the basic fundamental necessity for one to grow spiritually. God looks at only the purity of heart, how good, how pure, how devoted and noble you are within. That alone is something that God looks forward to and assesses you by. Therefore, truly the places of pilgrimage like the Kumbha Mela are not external but internal. Wherever you are if your mind is pure then you are more sacred, more holier than all those who visit holy places.  

Nevertheless, such an occasion where so many people with purity of mind, so many people with devotion to God, so many aspirants of Divinity get together, everything gets energised by their pure sacred vibrations. More than the sacredness of the rivers and the place, this purity of mind with which people come and gather, that makes the place holy. Though God is there everywhere, He permeates and pervades everything, yet His presence, His energy is felt in certain places like shrines, temples and pilgrimages because of the purity and the devotion of so many people that comes together and accumulates in that place. There is a reason why these festivals are organised so that when many people come together with purity, there is positive energy, water carries energy and our body is water – 70% of our body is water – so when we enter that water which is full of such sacred energy, obviously that water has effect on the water in our body and therefore, we also feel the sacred vibrations. 

Many of our children – in fact, all of our children have that purity of mind, they have that surrender, they want to follow whatever Swami thinks they should be doing but sometimes these friends, the relations, the parents – they come in their way by advising them in different different ways. But let Me assure you if you have firmed your mind, if you have that purity in your heart and surrender to Swami’s word, Swami will make way for everything and ensure that you achieve what He wants you to achieve because He knows your past, present and future and He knows what is the best way you can serve others, you can be happy and you can be a good person in life. In fact, it is in surrender we don’t lose our power, we gain all the power. If you surrender to God, God’s power also becomes yours. Therefore, be surrendered to the will of God and God will look after everything.