Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What does God expect from us? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 24, 2017

There is only one relation between God and devotee and that is love. He does not expect anything from the devotees other than their love. He does not expect those sixteen kinds of prayers or Upacharas but He only expects one thing – that is, love of the devotee. The heart that You have given me, O Lord, again, in return I am offering that back to You. What else should I bring to worship You? This is the prayer that one devotee must make. 

What is that Lord expects from us? Patram – it is the very body that God has given to us which is the leaf that must be offered. What is Pushpam – the flower of the heart. Removing all the thorns of selfishness, the pure flower, fragrant with love must be offered to the Lord. What is Phalam or fruit that must be offered to God? It is the fruit of all our actions that must be offered. When we do everything for the love of God, all our actions and the results that arise there from are the fruits that we must offer. Krishnarpanamastu. That is the fruit that we must offer. And finally, what is Thoyam or water that must be offered to the Lord? The tears of joy or bliss that flow out of the eyes of the devotee when he meets the Lord.

A simple escape from this whole cycle of birth and death is whatever we do, we do it for love of God and offer it to Him. When you address all your Karmas to God, it will go to God not to you. And then He will decide how to give it to you. What you need, He will provide you; what you do not, He will not. One should really feel from the bottom of one’s heart and then offer the fruit of action. Then even if it is an evil action, Lord will take it like everything gets burnt in the fire, even that will get burnt. First and foremost, we must purify our heart in order to undertake good actions, pure actions. And this purity of heart alone can give us the right kind of actions and the right results which can be offered to God. Jana seva is Janardana Seva, Nara seva is Narayana Seva Manava seva  is Madhava Seva. Where do you serve God? You serve God in humanity in which He resides. He is there in all human beings as human beings. Everything you do, do it for the love of God. You play, you eat, you sleep, you study, you talk, you walk – everything for the love of God. That is Archanam. You must have purity; you must have sincerity – Shraddha. With that Shraddha only, God will accept anything. You do little with pure love, He will accept it.