Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What does Swami need to open more educational institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 23, 2018

If you find good people and you are in their company, it is as good as being with God for, good is greater than God. Therefore, Swami always insists, be in good company, be in the company of good and noble people for, being in good company makes you also good and therefore, greater than God Himself. There is no fault of the children that they are born in certain circumstances to certain parents in certain situations due to which they acquire certain traits and qualities. I am a firm believer of this truth that children by themselves are not good or bad; it is only the company, it is only the association they get that makes them good or bad in their lives. 

I am ready to do as many institutions as it is required to help as many children around the world not just here but for this I need good people as My team, as My army to undertake this great task. Definitely that generation (of teachers) has done its duty towards Swami’s mission and even today, beyond their working age, even when they are getting into the sunset years, they still continue to serve in different campuses not minding the inconveniences and discomforts of a fledgling campus which does not have all facilities. These are really Rishis because they have no other thought other than God and serving God and serving the society. Truly they may not have long beard and long hair, they may not wear the Japamalas or apply Vibhuti on their foreheads but still they are the modern-day sages, they are the modern day saints and Rishis who are willing to give up everything for the sake of serving the society. Because of such selfless people with self-sacrifice as their very nature, these institutions are coming up at such a fast  pace. 

They are such self-sacrificing people, such selfless people and all our children should draw inspiration from their lives and works and not just draw inspiration and talk about it and clap for them, but truly take to this noble path of self-sacrifice and take upon yourselves the responsibility of spreading the light of the education to the dark corners of this country and beyond. That would be the true gratitude, that will be the true way to express your thankfulness to Swami and all these great people who are working with Him. May you all take to this noble path, be in the company of good people, retain your goodness and thereby lead divine lives and in the process, help ten others also lead this Godward path through your life and works.