Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What feeling makes it easy to get rid of ego and attachment? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 08, 2018

Just like a piece of iron that is rusted and full of dust cannot get attracted to a magnet, likewise, a person with impurities of ego and attachment cannot get attracted to God. The purpose of all that we think, say or do is to purify ourselves. All that activity that we undertake must lead to purification of our inner self. If what we do leads us to more ego, more attachments, more desires, more ideas of individuality, then we must not undertake such activity with such attitude and not make ourselves impure. When you do good, when you do pure deeds, the results should be humility, the results should be compassion, the results should be devotion, the results should be sacrifice not ego, attachment, anger, frustrations and such negative qualities. 

Whatever activity purifies us, even if it is lifting the leftover and the plates or the leaves, if it purifies my heart, makes me humble, makes me sincere, definitely that is an activity that we must undertake. You should be ready to bend your back and serve no matter whether you are in which position. When Lord Krishna can Himself bend down and pick up things which are leftover after the meals were served to the people, how can we not be humble enough to do all kinds of things without the idea of positions and designations? It is very easy to get rid of ego and attachment when we develop this feeling of servitude and that will help us become free from this bondage of birth and death and ultimately realise the principle of Atman

Purity of heart that comes with humility through pure, selfless service alone can lead you to self realisation. All this name and positions and designations are obstacles in this way but they do not help you. If somebody offers you a big position, all the more you should become cautious : Oh, this is going to become a big obstacle in my way to God. But because of circumstances, a responsibility is given, a designation is given – you must accept it with humility. At the same time, be always watchful that that should not become an obstacle on your spiritual path. Janaka was like this – Rajarishi. He was ruling the kingdom by the day and by night, he will live the life of a monk, of a saint. We must become like that. We must deliver, discharge our duties, we must do what is to be done for the greater good of society – yet never allow this to get into our head and disturb or spoil the purity of our heart.