Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What happens when you have knowledge of the truth? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 31, 2018

God has been described as consisting of three values or three attributes: Satyam Shivam and Sundaram. Truth that does not change, goodness that is always in the service of others and beauty – the experience of Divinity: these three consist of the God principle. The world outside that changes from morning till evening and the next day, the body that undergoes changes with time, the mind that changes with circumstances therefore cannot be called as the real Truth. When we do deeds, think or speak in a way that is not bringing happiness, goodness, auspiciousness to others, then we are drifting away from this principle of God, of Shivam. And when we concentrate only on the external appearances and we derive joy out of the experiences of our external senses, that is not the beautiful experience that God stands for.  

The world keeps changing but God which forms the basis of this world remains changeless. to know this truth of the Divine basis of all existence –Nitya Shuddha Buddha Mukta Nirmalasvarupinam – that which is eternal, that which is pure, that which is free of all bondage, that which is ever present, that which is pure – that is the basis of everything else. To understand this is the true goal of education. All the knowledge of the world can come only so far and not further but this knowledge of Atman or the experience of Divinity alone can help us attain the highest fulfilment in our lives. The principle of this Atman or the knowledge of the Truth knowing which all the other things do not affect you – you really become equanimous; having become equanimous, when you deal with the world, you are not touched by either sin or merit; you remain pure, unsullied and that is the principle of your true Self.  

To remain unaffected by all these changing emotions of the world, one has to understand one’s true self taking refuge in which one can lead a life of supreme peace and fulfilment. Without this, it is not possible. To be equanimous in all situations by knowing the supreme Truth of your existence alone, one can lead a life of peace, happiness and fulfilment in this world. And therefore, this kind of education which teaches that supreme truth of one’s existence is the foremost need of the hour and pursuing this, Bhagawan is opening many schools, colleges, university for the sake of imparting the right kind of education which is the panacea for all the problems of the world today.