Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What happens when you truly, wholly believe you are God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Guru Purnima Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – July 18, 2019

We all have heard that God exists in everything, God exists in everyone. So it is no wonder if God can exist as a fish in water, as tortoise on land and water, as a boar, as a half-man half-lion, if He can come out of a pillar, then He can definitely come out of a human too. In fact God’s ways are unique, they are mysterious. And those who try to understand God with their minds and the faculty of senses, they only meet with failure because they are beyond that. The one who cannot be described in words and one who cannot be understood by the mind is Divinity – this is how our scriptures define.  Therefore, it is a waste of an effort to analyse, to understand, to describe and explain God and His ways. However, if one opens one’s heart and experiences God as that sweet, nectarine, divine, pure, blemishless love, that alone is the experience and understanding of Divinity.  

As you progress further on this path of spirituality, you realise that you are not different from God. This realisation that God and you are one is available to all; in fact, it is the very birthright of all provided we are ready to put efforts on the spiritual path. The less of I, the more of Sai. God may take any form at any point in time. However, Divinity, the pure love, the selfless love is what lets us know that it is God, it is Divine principle of love and nothing else. From this day onwards, let us understand that we are all Divine. When you believe truly that you are Divine, all that which is not Divine in you, your attachments, your ego, all the negativity will simply disappear just as the dew drops when sun rises. When this Atmodaya happens, when you realise the Divine spirit within, all these dew drops of ego, attachments, greed, anger, everything just disappears. 

The world needs examples to follow. If someone has done it, others get the courage that we also can do it. Therefore, I am only presenting an example and encouraging everyone that all must believe that they are Divine and get rid of all that which is not Divinity and truly truly follow this path of spirituality and service till one becomes one merged in this God feeling. All children are returning back to their campuses tomorrow or tonight. To all of them, best wishes, blessings. May you all study not merely to gain the worldly knowledge but in our institutions may you all study spiritual knowledge so that one day you all rise not just as one or two or three people but as a whole of humanity from the shackles of humanness to the eternal, free, unbounded skies of spirituality.