Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What has kept India alive for millennia? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri Celebrations – October 04, 2019 (Day 6)

A unique feature of Bharatiya tradition is that you can worship whichever god, in whatever way you feel like. God is present everywhere, in everyone. And so, whoever worships in whatever way, it reaches the same Divinity. So many attacks, so many invasions have happened and continuously India has been under the attack of foreign forces. Yet of all the cultures in the world which underwent a similar situation, it is only the Indian culture which stood firm even today. And that is because of its spiritual roots. Old spiritual roots which kept this culture alive in the hearts of sages, seers, saints, Mahatmas. And today we are able to enjoy it, experience the bliss in witnessing and participating in these festivities, it is thanks to those people. 

A couple of months ago we were in Kumbha Mela. And that also happened to be the Republic Day of India. All were talking about soldiers that how much soldiers are doing for our country. No doubt about it. We were at the Kumbha Mela at the confluence of Triveni Sangam or Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati. And this is what I thought. On one side we have the soldiers standing on the borders fighting for the country in a very difficult war-like situation and on the other side, there are thousands of men in orange who are taking to this path of Sannyasa, who are taking to this culture of India, who are taking to spirituality. And I thought to Myself, this is why India is alive. On one side, our soldiers are ready to protect its borders; on the other side, our saints are ready to defend its culture, to preserve its culture to fight for its culture and keep it alive. And it is the great combination of soldiers and saints of India that has kept this Indianness alive. 

 As much we were aware of the surroundings so much also we were aware of our inner self. And with this kind of balance of Para and Apara, our country was extremely prosperous, extremely confident, extremely evolving. But the day we started forgetting our culture, that is the day the decline began. Today the need of the hour is an education system that combines both the knowledge of the modern times which are needed to keep pace with the development and progress all around. At the same time, a knowledge that also teaches us how to remain rooted in our culture, in our ideals, in our spirituality because that alone has kept us all alive and preserved even till date and that is our strength. It is extremely important and as children of this country, we preserve its culture, we protect it, we promote it by practising it in the first place. Learn from all cultures, there is nothing wrong. But at the end of it, be truthful, be loyal to our own culture, our own motherland. It is extremely important.