Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is a better prayer to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Vidya Kendra, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 01, 2019

Annam is given very very important place in our Shastras. Food is God. Food is not there; you cannot do anything. It is important that you put food in your stomach. That is also YajnamYajna is sacrifice. When you put your food in your stomach, what do you say? Whom are you feeding? Brahmarpanam. God is within all, God is in everyone, God is in everything. Not just in living but even those which are non-living, God alone exists in that. This is our culture. Our culture says, God is. First step is ‘God is.’ That is the first teaching of our culture. What is the second? He is in everyone; He is in everything. Whatever is moving and immovable, in everything God resides. He permeates everything, He alone is there in all this that we see inside, outside. The one who lives in this feeling, the one who lives in this truth, lives in this thought continuously, He will never come to any sorrow.                                                 

So, what should you pray to God? Better prayer is: Give me that Ekabhavam. Give me that Atmabhavam. Give me that Atma darshanam, Atma sakshatkaram so that I see only you in everything. Once you have become God, you are only happy. How to become God? By removing all that which is not God in you. Isn’t it? So, all that which is not God, when you remove it, what remains is God. Once that alone remains, God is Anandaswarupa. He is Happiness Himself. But this Ananda comes only out of pure feelings, from the God feelings alone. So, this Ananda we must aspire for. How to aspire? Remove all the selfishness, remove all the ego, you will remain Divine and Divinity is AnandaAnanda is not dependent on the senses. Ananda is dependent on a state of mind. When your mind is absorbed in God, you are always in the state of Ananda. So, want a permanent happiness, what is the solution? Keep your mind on God always. If you think you are God, you will become God, your destiny will be God.

Even if you play or eat or sleep or study, everything should be done in a Divine way. And what is Divine way? Selfless way is Divine way. Selfish way? For my sake? Human. For God’s sake? Divine. If you do God’s work, God will do your work. If you look after God’s people, God will look after your people. He will take care of you better than what you can ever imagine. Therefore, live your life in a Divine way. You are Divine so you should behave like Divine. What is Divine? Divinity is love, Divinity is service, Divinity is selflessness, Divinity is compassion, Divinity is kindness, sharing and caring. When you behave like that, you will be Divine. That alone will complete your education.