Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is a superior way of worshipping Swami? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 03, 2018

Indian culture is not only ancient but also carries great merit. Indians, since ancient times, have always prayed that let everyone in the world be happy, full of joy, lead comfortable, happy lives. Giving up the selfish feelings of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, they embraced the broad-minded selfless feeling of ‘we’ and ‘ours’; all the time they prayed for the welfare of everyone. All are children of God. All are brothers and sisters. All are the members of the one world family. When you have such broad-mindedness, we feel others sufferings are our own sufferings; their joy is our joy – that is what we will think. That is the Indian ideal. God resides in everyone. When we serve anyone, we are serving God. When we work that way for the welfare of others, we can be truly called Bharateeyas.

If we have true love for Swami, we have to follow His idealism of selfless service to everybody. There is nothing wrong. We offer flowers and worship and offer food to the photographs of Swami but a superior way of worship of Swami is to help the poor people, the down-trodden people and serve them and relieve them of their suffering. When we do such service, Swami will be very very happy. You may have to carry on all your activities in life but most importantly, love everyone. Taking up such activity ultimately we have to redeem the whole society. Gratitude is very important. With gratitude, we have to serve everyone. 

It is not that we just remain mute witnesses to this great act of service; we should participate in this service. It is not that just we talk about it or just witness it. We have to do it. To the extent possible, each and every one should join this effort. Only then we demonstrate the great truth that only by sacrifice we attain immortality. Without serving mankind, there is no way we can attain any liberation or salvation. Therefore, everyone should become a good servant. Depending on your capacity and competence, you have to take up the activity. If you are a doctor, serve as a doctor; if you are a teacher, serve as a teacher. If we cannot do anything, at least we have to feed some hungry stomachs and satisfy them. Whatever you do, it will reach God. This is the desire and aspiration I have that every one of you should become such servants of society. I want only this: all of you get together, serve happily, spread joy everywhere, you also be joyful. That is the real true offering of gratitude to Swami.