Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Akhanda Bhajan? – Summary Divine Discourse on 13th November 2016

Since the whole of creation has emerged from God, the driving force for everything that happens is God’s love. Even man is born out of God’s love. Therefore, he has to conduct himself with this Divine love. Many people misunderstand this concept of love. Young men and young women, even elders, don’t distinguish between true love and attachment. They think love is attachment and attachment is love. Love has no attachments. Love is matchless. Only when we recognise this fundamental basis of love, we can develop devotion to God. There is no duality of giving and taking for love. Love always gives; it does not know how to take.

Four categories of devotees come to God. The first is Arthi, who comes for relief from suffering, the second is Artharthi, who asks for more wealth or position or name or fame, the third is Jignasu, a spiritual aspirant and finally, a Jnani, a man of wisdom. All the four categories of devotees come to God with some desires. Only the last category of men and women approach God only for God’s sake. They want only God and nothing else. The only thing they want to achieve is ‘I want God’. Hence, only the last category of devotees can be called true devotees. When such devotees lead their lives with their hearts filled with love for God, God will be with them all the time. He will be in front of them, behind, on their sides, inside and outside.

Where My devotees keep singing My glory and My name, undoubtedly, I will install Myself there. Bhajans without love for God can only be called music. It cannot be called Bhajans. Having ‘feeling’ while singing Bhajans is very important. What kind of feeling should one have? The feeling that – I want God. If we attain the grace of God, the whole world also will be ours because the whole world belongs to God.

A true devotee’s heart should be always filled with God. There should not be scope for anything in his heart other than God. The whole heart should be filled with devotion. Only God matters for him and nothing else. When we go closer to God, we are happy. When we move away from God, we become miserable. We have to take to such activities through thought, word and deed, which will take us nearer to God. We have to fill the whole of our life with God’s name. When a person keeps thinking of God, no negatives, no miseries or no perversions of the mind will ever approach them.

There are many great people in this world. But good people are very less. What is good? The spelling is g-o-o-d. G-o-o-d is God. Therefore, you can find God in good. When you develop goodness in all aspects of your life, God will be your shadow. All the time involve yourself in meritorious acts and discriminate between what is permanent and what is impermanent. Run away from bad company, get into good company. Whatever actions you undertake, offer them to God. Give up the desire for the fruits of one’s actions. When you have true love for God, you will naturally offer everything to God. When you lead a life like this, you can fill our lives with complete joy and bliss. Wherever you go, Namasmaran – chanting the name of Sai Ram should happen all the time. First you have to practise. When you practise it with effort in the beginning, it becomes natural later. Understand that Akhand Bhajan is not confined to one day. Your whole life should become an Akhand Bhajan.