Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Bhakti? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 19, 2018

India has such rich traditions – everybody only loved God in India. God was the centre and soul of everyone in India. Bharata – the ones who revel in Lord. Rata means immersed, who are engrossed, who revel in the love and glory of Lord, they are Bharateeyas. Anything else that they find their interests in, then they cannot be. Bharateeya means Those who are  always engrossed, immersed, they are always lost in the beauty and glory of the Lord. That is our culture, our tradition. That is very important. As long as Indians continue to love God, serve God, India will remain what it is. The day they forget God, it will break into pieces. God alone unites this whole country. 

If you learn Bhakti, that is more than enough. If you learn devotion to God; you think your education is complete, your education is fulfilled. Mind is most important. Manomoolam Idam Jagat. Whatever your mind is, so you become. You cannot – body is nothing. Body is only a Yantram an instrument. Mind is the real cause behind everything. Wherever you are, to you My advice is the same. You don’t have to worry about the physical proximity. Physical is one illusion. You must always keep God in your heart. You should feel God everywhere. Whatever you do, Sarva Karmam Bhagaada Preetyartham. Do whatever you do for the sake of God. You cook? Cook for God. Sing? Sing for God. You dress up? You dress up for God. Do your work, do it as an offering to God, as worship to God. Spirituality is that simple.

See, anybody who loves God immensely, above everything else, to the exclusion of everything else, God and God alone, He will find God, there is no doubt about it. The one who wants God will get God. That desire, the intense Shradha should be there to get God. Once you have that, some way or the other, God will make Himself available to you wherever you are. He will come behind, wherever you are. So you have to all the time thinking, thinking, thinking and doing whatever you do, do for God’s sake, for God’s love. That is Bhakti. That only is spirituality. That is only the highest wisdom. There is nothing beyond that. Where you are, you have God. To everyone, I have been telling. This is the message. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, do it for love of God. Any profession, any work, any smallest thing also you do, Krishnarpanamastu Sayeeshwararpanamastu I offer it to God. Then all your actions, thoughts, words will become pure. How can you offer impure things to God? So automatically everything will start becoming pure for you. And then God will bless you. He will make you feel His presence, His love wherever you are. That is the secret. So simple it is.