Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Bhakti? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 2 July 2016

Bhakti is love towards God without any expectations. Give and take is involved in Bhukti, not in Bhakti. In the Bhagavad Gita in BhaktiYoga, true Bhakti is explained by Shri Krishna as loving everyone and having compassion towards all, without having hatred or envy towards anyone, and knowing that God resides in everyone. This is true Bhakti or devotion. To whomever we prostrate or offer obeisance, it reaches God. In the same way, whomever we blame or disdain also reaches God. It is important to love all. The divine quality is to truly love even those who hate us. We must love even those who blame us, bring us loss and suffering. That is true Bhakti.

Our life should be like a river. There could be humans, animals, sinners or saints who want to drink water from the same river. But for the river, there is no difference. It does not feel that it flows in order to quench the thirst only of the saint. The five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) bestow equally upon all without any discrimination. Nature, which is born out of divinity represents the divine quality and divine nature. Nature exemplifies divine selfless love. But Vyashti, human who is born out of Srushti, nature, is unable to understand this principle. As a result of narrow-mindedness and inability to love everyone equally, man is living a very selfish life.

In the word, SathyaNikethanam, we have to find out what is Sathya. Body is not Sathya or truth. Mind is not true either. What is eternal, pure, enlightened, detached and refined is the Atma, which is the truth. This institute is named as Sathya Nikethanam only to bring out the Atma tatwa or the highest principle of truth. It is not sufficient for us to progress from Ajnana (ignorance) towards Vijnana (Science). It is important to proceed from Vijnana to Sujnana (true knowledge). When True knowledge (Sujnana) combines with Vijnana (Science), then Prajnana (Divine Knowledge) emanates. So, it is very important to impart both worldly and spiritual studies to our students. We have sowed the seeds of love and truth. We now have to carefully nurture the sown seeds to grow into saplings. We should nurture this institution by loving all, serving all, helping all and respecting one and all. In times to come, a very beautiful and majestic SathyaNarayana temple will come up in the highest region of the hill that you see.

This is not only an educational institution, it is an Ashrama or Hermitage. Where there is no Shrama or tiredness is an Ashrama. Where there is love, there is no Shrama. Love does not know Shrama and Shrama does not know love. This institution will grow big because it is being nurtured with love. A few months ago, I had commanded that there should be an educational institution here. In just six months, not only have they purchased the land and built the institution but also started classes. Where there is selfless love, Swami will always be right behind your back protecting you, holding your hand and getting such great work done. My body means all of your bodies. That is my Vishwaroopa.

All this while the world had witnessed only one Sai Baba but in the coming times we will witness that there will be several Sai Babas, who will instill love in all, who would bring up many institutions and bring bliss to the entire world. Keep your mind and heart full of selfless love and purity. Make your hands serve selflessly.

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