Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is blocking us from experiencing the Divine? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – July 21, 2019

Just as a tongue that is afflicted with fever cannot taste the sweetness of things, likewise a man afflicted with worldly attachments and impurity of mind cannot understand Divinity. This principle of Atman can be known only when the clouds of ego and attachment disperse, and the sun of the Atman shines forth. When you do Seva, you think God is the one who is providing this Seva to God in another form. Therefore, do not have any ego and this Seva should help you get rid of your ego and attachments. That is the only way to understand your own Divinity.  With this feeling when we do, Yad bhavam tad bhavati, as we think so we become, we start to realise this truth. There are several paths to God, there are several ways to God; however, the shortcut to God realisation is selfless service. 

When you do Seva without any expectations, your heart starts becoming pure. We must act in order to purify ourselves. All actions must be undertaken to purify ourselves, say the scriptures. That is the purpose of all actions, all activities. When the heart becomes pure, you realise Divinity. Selfishness is the impurity that contaminates this Divine experience. Once we get rid of selfishness, we naturally spontaneously experience our Divine selves. Why are you here, you are here to realise your Divinity, to experience that Ananda that lies within. But how? By doing everything for God’s sake, by doing everything selflessly – be it studies or sports or administration, finance, accounts, construction, any work, do it for God’s sake without any expectation of any return whatsoever. You must do it for God’s sake as a service to God. 

This body will grow – grows for animals and trees also. Head will also grow with the acquisition of knowledge and skills on a daily basis. What about the heart? Is it growing, is it growing in its love and surrender to God? Is it growing in compassion and kindness to others? Ask yourself. Check that also every day. That is the most important progress. When I teach spirituality, you take it to your heart, you practise it and you excel in your exams of life in spirituality, that gives Me great joy. How will you know that you are progressing, or you are passing in My exam of spirituality? Arishatvargas will come down.  Kama krodha lobha moha mada matsara will start coming down in you. And Satya Dharma Shanti Prema, Bhagavad Bhakti, Vishvasamu, Sharanagati these values will start going up in you. Even if you put little effort, you will get great results in My subject. I am a very lenient and compassionate teacher.  Even if you write for five marks, I will give five grace marks on that. Therefore, use this opportunity to the best.