Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is hindering our work for Swami? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 10, 2020

Only one thought that ‘We should do what Swami has asked us to do whether I am from another religion, another caste, state, language. Does not matter. I will do what Swami wants me to do. I can give up anything because Swami has called us, Swami has given us work to do.’ This is the kind of people alone who can do this miracle of this mission. You are the instruments. Without the instruments, God is a helpless onlooker of the plight of the world. God by Himself will not intervene in the world. He will intervene through an instrument only. “Swami, You tell, and we will do,” – that is the partnership of God and man that God tells and man does, not man tells and God has to do. So, you have to be such instruments who are willing to give up anything for there is nothing greater than the path of God.

When it comes to world and God, no discussion. Straight away the decision. The decision is always God. It is always God when it comes to God and anything else, it is always God. God cannot pick up the weapons and start fighting the war. He will not do, He has never done it. He will only guide the mankind to do their duty and leave the rest to Him, leave the rest to His grace. But you have to do your duty. That is the most important lesson we have to learn in our institution through our elders as well as youngsters that we are here to be instruments of God. And through us, God will do. Of course, God will do. But through the good instruments He will do.

But if we are not pure, if we are not clear, if we are not committed then the work will not happen.

Wherever, whenever our work stops or slows down or an obstacle comes, the problem is not with God. The problem must be somewhere with us. We have to ask ourselves. Where we are falling short. Because God is perfect. He will never make a mistake. Somewhere in the partnership, somewhere we are not rising up. Therefore, there is some delay. Somewhere something is obstructing God’s flow through us. We must always every day tell ourselves, “Swami, I have to be a good instrument of yours. I want to be pure instrument of yours. I want to be a capable instrument of yours. Make me like that. Let me work hard to be such an instrument for you so that you can easily and happily do your work through me.” With that prayer we must rise every day. With that prayer we must live every day. With that prayer alone we should sleep every day.