Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is lacking for good work to be done? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 7, 2018

Life in this world is ephemeral, it is temporary. Youth and wealth also go away.  But there are two things which are permanent, which are eternal – one is Satya – Truth, and second is Kirti – good name. The truth that we abide by and the good name that we earn by abiding in truth are the only two permanent things, everything else is temporary. 

All at Sanjeevani hospital from the watchman to the chairman are working only for truth and good name. Not for fame, nor for money or other awards which are temporary but only for truth and good name they serve here – there is no doubt about that. Wherever one looks, one can only experience love here, and this heart hospital is truly working completely from the heart. Hridaya means where there is compassion and this heart hospital works from the heart.

To do any task, three things are needed -hands, head and heart – 3H. Capable hands to work, a head to think and a heart to feel and understand. Only with these three can any work be done. But these days, far more important than hand and head is the heart. People are very capable and intelligent but because they are not driven by their hearts, even though there is plenty in this world, it is not enough to reach everyone. There is no shortage of intelligent and capable people in this world. But there are not enough who work with love. And you are the ones who are meeting this need. 

By its tenth anniversary, this hospital will be renowned in the world, not only because it is free but because of the quality work performed here The quality work will be comparable to the best of the hospitals in the world and this will be declared one of the Paediatric Excellence Centres of the world, not of India or not of Chattisgarh. This must go to that height and that name it should earn for itself. Lots of it lies in your hands. Be selfless, be fearless. This is the only advice Swami gives. Go to any extent to save the child, to help the child. Do not fear, do not worry about anything else. With complete selflessness and surrender, you work and you all will become instruments in the hands of God. Your capacities will become infinite and there will be nothing called impossible left for you.

Let nobody be turned away from the doors of this great temple of healing. May you all thereby attain great glory in this lifetime and bring laurels to yourself, your families and to this nation for having given the world one of the best paediatric cardiac care hospitals in this time.