What is love? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 17 March, 2016

This creation which has come out of love is full of love and is imbued with love. Every man and woman who is part of this creation is an embodiment of love because the whole of creation is love. The ultimate goal of man is to recognise this principle of love and manifest and practise it in one’s life.

We use the word ‘love’ very loosely. Have we understood what it really means? True love does not have any giving and receiving. Only love is equal to love and love is a match for love. All our other kinds of relationships only reflect attachment but not true love.

Where is true love existing? The synonym or second name for love is ‘sacrifice’. Love without sacrifice is no love. If love is the object, sacrifice is its reflection. You may feel that you have love but if you are not ready to sacrifice, you should realise it is only attachment and not love. ‘Love lives by giving and forgiving; and self lives by getting and forgetting’.

If you have true love in your heart, that love will get reflected in the other person and will come back to you. It is your love which will get reflected in many hearts. To keep complaining that nobody loves me, nobody looks after me, nobody helps me is a big mistake. If you have true love in your heart, everybody will be attracted to you. The magnetic power of love will attract everybody to itself.

How can you really love God? When you love everyone, you are loving God. Because it is the same God who resides in everyone. Love is nothing but Swami who resides in the heart of everybody. First look for Swami within your heart. Then look for God in everyone. Only then you can recognise and understand the principle of Swami.

Developing all desires of the world and attachment to the world, our heart is becoming dry and hard. A heart with true love will not be a desert but will be a lovely garden. You are born from love, you live in love and ultimately merge in love. The water bubble is born out of water, lives in water, and finally, merges back into water; man is the water bubble and Narayana or God is the water. We should know our true divine nature is love and recognise that love and practise it in our lives.

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