Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is more dangerous than ego of material gains? – Divine Discourse Summary – September 16, 2018

Everyone born on this earth from an ant to Brahma, the creator Himself, must engage in action. When one cannot escape action, one cannot escape the results that are received or obtained out of such an action. The one who does good is bound to receive good results; the one who does bad is bound to suffer. An action which is pure in nature, which is selfless in nature without contamination of anger, greed, desire or ego truly gives us results of bliss and joy. So, Swami keeps telling “Do good, do good all the time. Do good, see good, be good. This is the way to God.”

However, when we are doing good, at times, we develop some kind of an ego that we are doing good. Let Me tell you this ego which comes out of this feeling that ‘I am a good person and I am doing Seva and because of me, so many people are benefitting’ is far more dangerous than the ego that comes by material gains. When we do engage in such actions of service, we must not have any kind of ego. The more we serve, the more humble we must become, the more pure, the more loving and compassionate we must become. What you do as service is not as important as what service does to you. 

If you are a nameless, a position-less, authority-less volunteer, all the better it is because the least damage will be done to you because of anything that happens to you and any ego that comes. But the moment we gain some position, some authority, some kind of a designation, let Me tell you that is the biggest danger in the way of spirituality. If you get position, power, authority, all the more you should be careful because that can be a source of or a reason for your own self destruction if you cannot handle it right. The more you do Seva, you should become more humble, you should become more nameless, more position-less, you should not have any attachment to any authority. Then this Seva is really doing good to you as well to the others. For Me, nobody is small, nobody is big. For Me all are My own whether he is a watchman at the gate, whether he is a trustee of the Trust, whether he is an administrator of a campus or whether he is a cook or a cleaner, to Me all are limbs of the same society, all are limbs of the same organisation and therefore, every part must deserve the respect, love and care that is due to them.