Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is our part in this story of creation? – Institution Day Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – December 7, 2018

The whole story of this creation is of Narayana separating Himself from Himself to become Nara and eventually Nara realising this truth and becoming Narayana. As long as we have this Dehabhavam, this feeling that we are this body, we remain like this water bubble filled with air. The moment we lose this Dehabhavam into Atmabhavam, this air that separates us from our identity is released and then we go back to our true selves. Those who lead their lives on this path of selflessness, service for the sake of others, they ultimately go back from being Nara to becoming Narayana.  All of you are truly Gods personified as humans. However, to realise that we are actually Divine and not just human beings, not just these bubbles of water but we are water itself, we must take to this path of service and sacrifice,

Anybody who is part of this wonderful mission of serving the children, serving humanity, they will benefit, they will be purified, sanctified, and they will find fulfilment by its mere touch, by their mere participation. The Ganga of education which Swami has begun by taking the responsibility upon Himself as Sai Narayana, that will flow into all parts of this country, in all states, in all directions and will serve thousands and thousands and thousands of children of all states and geographies for ages to come. It will spread to all parts of the country and even beyond. It is My desire that in every district of this country, India, there should be one such educational institution as this and in every district of this country there should be one such medical institution which will serve the children and humanity. The scriptures describe Divinity as Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma. Satyam, the truth; Jnanam, the awareness and more importantly what kind of wisdom and awareness? Anantam, eternal. So anything that God touches becomes infinite, becomes endless.

Consider yourself fortunate that you are witness to such glorious times, you are participants and you are beneficiaries of such a mission. Be ready to undertake such kind of work in your own lives. Be selfless. Be willing to sacrifice. And thereby realise your Divinity. If one Narayan Bhat could do this, each one of you when you come together, the possibilities are infinite. Swami is there with you, in you, above you, below you, around you. All the time He is there with each one of you. And if only you take to this path of sacrifice, you take one step forward, He will take hundred steps and make sure that you are successful. May you all take this message into your hearts and thereby serve the society through your hands, dedicate yourselves for the betterment and upliftment of others and through Parartha, attain Paramartha.