Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is our true Dharma? – Summary Divine Discourse on 10 October 2016

The one and only aim with which every Avatar takes upon Himself a form and a name and comes to the level of the devotees is to establish Dharma. The word Dharma must be understood in the right way. In the Gita, the first word is ‘Dharma’ and the last word is ‘Mama’. If we put these two words, that is the essence of what the Bhagavad Gita is trying to teach us. Mama Dharma – my duty, my Dharma – the Dharma that He has come to establish. To understand this, one must enquire as to what is the true nature of mankind? It refers to something much more than just the body and mind that one associates oneself with.  It points towards the unchanging principle of Atma Tatva. The true nature of man is Divinity. Therefore, when you talk about the true nature of man, that nature itself becomes man’s duty or Dharma. Man who is divine must behave and conduct according to his true nature, which is Divinity.

The Atma does not have a birth, growth or death. It is eternal, it is ever-present, changeless and therefore, the Dharma of Atma is also changeless and eternal. When thoughts that are below the dignity of your true nature come, you must enquire if it is in accordance to your true nature. Does this thought, this word, this action befit the divinity that I truly am? Only with deep enquiry, can one discriminate and thereby develop detachment to those things, which do not follow one’s Dharma or true nature.

Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa all these are qualities that are born out of divinity. Truly if you analyse it and understand, divinity is nothing but pure, selfless love. This love only gives and forgives, does not expect anything in return. The moment it expects, it is no more love. The body is just like an iron safe, which carries this Atman within. This body has not much value but what it carries within is invaluable. A mind, which is full of love unlocks the safe and makes you realise the precious jewels inside it. But a mind which is full of attachments, ‘I’ and ‘mine’, cannot open the safe; it locks the safe but cannot open it. The mind is the reason for one’s bondage as well as liberation. If this key of mind is turned towards God with love, the lock opens.  But if you turn it towards the world full of selfishness, it locks.

Looking after the body is important; you must feed it, you must give it rest, you must give it enough exercise, you must take good care so that it does not fall into ill health. But getting attached to this body as everything (Sarvam) is an illusion (Bhrama). Each one of you is not different from Me. People think Swami is all powerful. He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. But all these qualities are there in you too. While Swami is able to realise all these, you are not able to use it at all. The reason is Swami’s mind is always on divinity. He is always in the state of oneness with His Divine self whereas your minds are on so many other things of the world that it is unable to realise its true potential. There is no power greater than the power of love! This love can achieve anything in this universe. But in order to know its power, one must use it. When Hanuman had to cross the ocean to reach Lanka, he wasn’t sure whether he will be able to do it. He had to be reminded and told that he was capable of it. And it is only when he believed in these words that he could fly across the ocean. Tell yourself: I am divine, I am divine, I am divine. From morning till evening, your breath is continuously chanting Soham, Soham, Soham. You will not get an opportunity of human birth over and over again. Even gods, goddesses, demi-gods, all the Yakshas pray for a human birth so that they can redeem themselves. Having received this great fortune, wasting it will be a very big misfortune.

Listening should convert into Mananam or contemplation. And all this Manana should turn into Nidhidhyasana (practice). God’s thought is like an umbrella – even if you take a walk in the rain, you will not be affected. Let thoughts come and go. Don’t let these thoughts, which are not in accordance with your divine nature convert into actions. It is from a thought that it starts and eventually ends with self destruction. Therefore, when these thoughts come, let them go away, do not convert them into words and actions. Every time the mind pushes you to do things that are not in accordance with your Dharma or the true nature, you must remind yourself: I am divine and I have to be like divine.

If you cannot chant anything, say “I am God. I am God. I am God.” Chant that Mantram at least. And by the continuous repetition of it, one day you will realise it. This is your true Dharma, this is your true nature, this is your true religion. Divinity is right here, within you. You are divinity. There is nowhere to go and fetch it. It is right here and now that you can realise it. Meditate, understand, practise, realise.