Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Swami’s eternal message? – New Year Day Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – January 01, 2019

God is love, love is God. The only word that ever comes close to define or describe God is love. Love is the one which gets all these things done. It makes the sun shine, it makes the earth rotate and revolve, it makes the moon rise, it makes the rivers flow, it makes the trees grow. When love sees another in despair, another in pain, another in sorrow and suffering, it just can’t help but do something about it. This love when understood by a mortal, by a common person, makes that person Divine. All that is needed for a man to become God is to develop this kind of pure, unconditional love for all. Therefore, My message on this day of the new year and all the days to come in this year and beyond will always remain the same and that is develop love, selfless love, unconditional love for all and become Divine. 

With every passing moment, let the ‘I’ become lesser and lesser and let Sai become more and more. In our being, the more ‘I’, the more selfishness, the more of self-interest is there, the lesser of this Divine principle of Sai can be found. The less there is ‘I’, more of Sai. What is Sai? Sai is love. Love is Sai. The scriptures say Brahmavid Brahmaiva BhavatiThe one who knows this becomes this.  Therefore, the one who knows love becomes love. And the one who becomes love, does everything that love does. Love thinks through such a person, love speaks through such a person, love acts through such a person. Such a person’s existence becomes only incidental, only instrumental for love to act. 

Dear ones, at the end, all that finally matters is how much love you have developed in your heart, how many people you have loved, how you have acted according to the dictates of the Divine love that guides you from within. If this love goes out as a meal to a hungry person, so be it. If this love alone manifests as literacy or education to an unlettered person, let it be so. Or to a sick and a suffering, if this love goes out as good health, let that be so. Let this year be the year of love where we live in love, we breathe love, we think love, we talk love, we walk love, we act love in every aspect of our lives, there is only love, love and love alone. This is My eternal blessing to all devotees, all mankind that let them all know this love and ultimately become this love. You should too not waste a single day, single moment in doing what is good. The moment you get a good thought, a divine thought, a thought full of love, immediately act upon it, don’t wait for another moment or time. In a moment, time can take away everything.