Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Swami’s sole mission on earth? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 04, 2019

The Isavasya Upanishad claims, All that we see, all that is around us is Divinity alone, all that which moves and that which does not move also is Divinity alone. Without a certain process, we cannot experience this Divinity, which is latent, which is inherent, which is hidden in all the creation. Samskara is that which brings out the hidden Divinity which is inside each one of us to the outside. The education that teaches us this Samskara, how to find and bring out that Divine which is within to without is the real education. And such is the Vidya once attained, leads us to liberation. Liberation is from our own limitedness, our own narrow-mindedness, our own selfishness and self-interest. 

Education is not complete with just information but when transformation adds to this information, that is when it is called education. If our education only teaches us about the subject knowledge, makes us capable of earning a livelihood but it does not tell us how to find that Divinity which lies within, how to see Divine in us and in everyone around us, then that education is incomplete. This institution is an opportunity for you not only to grasp the subtleties of the physical world that is around you but also the deeper truths, the insights into your own true self which is nothing but Divinity. Because the true purpose of all this that we are doing is to bring about this transformation in every individual where they just don’t believe that they are this body and mind put together, but they are beyond that which is the Divine principle.

Whatever is there in the tank, that is what will come out of the taps. So, if the heads, if the hearts and if the thoughts of these children are filled with this idea that they are actually Divine, not less, not more, then their thoughts, words, actions, whatever they do in their lives will all transform into Divine ways. Knowing that everything is Divine, all are Divine, live with the sense of sacrifice, Tyaga and don’t take that which does not belong to you, don’t grab that you don’t need. That was the real education that we as Indians learnt in the past. If we don’t bring back this kind of Samskriti, this kind of education, this kind of transformation in today’s world, there is no hope for this world to become any better. To transform man into Divine, to install God in the hearts of people, to make people love God just as God loves them, that alone is My mission. If you just follow this one advice, treat everyone as Divine, you will never have any problem, you will never have any issue. Everything will happen very smoothly and in successful way. I want you to not only learn this education here but take it, take this Vidya to all parts of the world.