Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Swami’s weapon to bring back Gurukula education? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – May 19, 2019

Everyone is born in the image of God – pure, unsullied, uncontaminated. The desires of the world do not taint the purity in the mind of that child. But as one grows in the society in which one lives, because of the influence of the company of the people around, slowly and gradually that pure mind attains some impurities and is rendered contaminated. If they fall into the hands of good teachers, good parents, good education in society, they will transform into good people and they will do much for themselves and to the world. So, the effort of all these educational institutions is to preserve and protect that purity which is inherent in every child by giving them the right kind of atmosphere, the right environment, right inputs in order to make them good and noble citizens of the world.  

It is the ancient tradition of Indian education system where parents would leave the children for several years at the feet of a guru in a Gurukula in order to train them to become better people. The greater reason behind this kind of practice of sending children to Gurukula was that parents had this understanding that they have attachment to their children and when there is so much of attachment, they will not be able to raise the children in a proper way so that they can correct them when they make mistakes and teach them what is right and wrong. We also are working very hard on preparing right kind of gurus who will be able to look after the children in a proper way. Many of our students who have studies here in our institutions have grown up to become teachers, caretakers, wardens, principals, chairpersons and they are all in different campuses looking after their younger brothers and younger sisters.

Somebody may ask, “What gives Sai Baba this kind of confidence to go on opening institutions? To all of them, My answer is only one: I trust My students and I know My students will look after all this. Sometimes you write letters to Me, “Swami, make me Your instrument, make me Yours, make me a humble instrument,” and prayers like that. You may not even realise what you are praying for. Without your realisation, every day you are doing something good, something good for God and that is what is making you dearer and dearer to Swami, making you better and better every day. All this will be there to save you, to protect you, to look after you in your times of need. As long as there is Sai, there is Sai student; as long as there is a Sai student, there is Sai. I and My students will definitely change the world for good.