Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is Swami’s wish? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 03, 2018

Oh Students boys and girls! It is entirely your responsibility to uphold the righteousness of the land having been born in that land which is varied with its finesse of art and architecture. The hidden meaning in the word Bhaarata is that the Indians are the ones who derive bliss being immersed in God Bha+ra ta ( Bha is Bhagavanta rata means immersed). Till the time where the Indians who are born in this land remember, love God, see God in everyone and serve God, till then the Indian culture and heritage will surely remain in the entire world permanently. We have known for ages the truth that Atma is in itself the Paramatma or the Divine. We have also known that the highest goal of education is to know the Self or the Divine.

Today’s world is chaotic without peace, grief and fear stricken because of the extensive use of weapons all around and there has been no truthfulness anywhere. The main reason for this being selfishness in human beings. It is possible to re-establish peace in the world only by providing good education to our students in schools and colleges. The main aim of the University of Shri Sathya Sai for Human Excellence is to bring out excellent human beings who will be selfless, God loving and serving the society. This University is not confined only to India but it is my desire and wish that it illumines and plays a role model to the entire world. In the coming years, there is no doubt that this University shall grow holier and bigger and not only in Karnataka, there shall be many more colleges in other states and through them, it will be exemplary to the entire world. 

It is my wish that our Bharatiya Culture which is divine, ancient, eternal be re-established and re-vitalised and through which it takes all to the highest goal in the Universe. Oh my dear Children! If this has to happen it cannot be through one person or a few people, but will happen if many people, the Government, the devotees in the society, the Thyagajeevis working in this Institution, all come together. We have to convey our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one. It is my wish and blessing that all of you make use of this glorious opportunity to realise that this education is not merely for a living but for the ultimate goal of life, to become good citizens of the country, to serve the society in an excellent way to make it a better place to live and also to propagate and diffuse the Indian culture and heritage in the entire world and emancipate your lives through that.