Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the aim of our educational institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 23, 2017

Our educational institutions do not have the lower aim of just imparting education that helps one fill his belly. The higher aim with which these educational institutions are being run and being established in many more numbers across this country is to gain that wisdom which helps us see the unity in multiplicity. Such wisdom that frees you from the narrow-mindedness of ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ and liberates you into the higher wisdom of unity, that all belong to us. Such wisdom alone is the aim of these educational institutions.

If we achieve everything else in the field of science, humanities, arts and various other knowledge, yet we miss out on this higher wisdom of seeing the oneness of the whole creation, then we should consider ourselves as uneducated. (Students) may have become Sakshara that is, literates but not Sujnanis that is educated in the highest wisdom. Therefore, one must keep this principle based on which these institutions are being established and uphold it as the foremost in all our endeavours. In our institutions, our endeavour is not merely to remove Ajnana with Vijnana or the knowledge of this world but truly it is to impart Sujnana or the higher wisdom that ultimately leads to the realisation of the self which is Prajnana. To Me, only those are graduates, only those are educated, only those have finished their education in our schools, who have reached all the way till Prajnana and not less. Anything lesser than that must be considered as incompletion of one’s education at Swami’s feet.

The scriptures describe Mother is God, Father is God, Teacher is God. But let me tell you in our institutions, the student is God for everyone. I tell My teachers day in and day out, these are not just students who have come from some home to get some education in our institutions. They are the very temples of God in which I reside. (If you) serve these children selflessly, I will look after your welfare of the highest kind in this world and beyond. Not only I will give you the Anna for this world to look after yourself and your families but I will give you the Paramananda which is the desire of all the sages and Yogis and saints.  What greater fortune can one ask for when one’s work is itself one’s worship? Your Karma is your Karma yoga. You serving these children as your duty – that itself is Divinity. It is through the welfare of the others that one attains Atma sakshatkara. And it is through this Atma sakshatkara that one sees the unity and thereby is able to serve others and do good for others.