Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the basic quality of a devotee? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 27, 2019

How do I be happy in this world which is by design something that does not give us permanent happiness? You worship Me; that is the only way you can be happy in an otherwise by design unhappy world. Those who love of because they want only love of God and nothing else. They are ultimately the happiest. The purest happiness is when you desire nothing. Just a simple pure-hearted feeling to love God and be loved by God, that is all that the devotee desires, that devotee becomes the highest of the devotees. Truly I love such devotees who have no desires for they know ‘Whatever I need, before asking, God will fulfil it.

Anoraniyan mahatomahiyan. You are the biggest of the big and the smallest of the small. When it comes to humility, you should be the smallest of the small; when it comes to your truth, you are the biggest, you are the greatest of the great. That is the feeling with which one should live when they live with God, that is the understanding with which one should live. Contented with what we have. And ever willing to follow God. Total dependence on God is true surrender. In nine things you are surrendered and one thing you are not surrendered, it means you are not surrendered. It negates everything that you do. Depending on God totally without any conditions is surrender. You have a fat bank account; that is surrender? You have plenty of friends and relations; that is surrender? Have all these things as a backup plan, safety nets and then come and say, “Swami, I am surrendered to you.” That is not surrender.

Surrender is the epitome of all devotion, all spirituality. If surrender is not there at the end of it, all your spiritual activities are mere activities, they are show. Nothing more than that to Me. The one who is completely surrendered, lives in that faith, that confidence of surrender that God knows, God is and He will take care of everything, I don’t have to depend on all this flimsy support systems like money, friends, network, name, position, power. I don’t need any of these things. Such a person alone is a true devotee. Whichever path you are in, surrender is a common basic quality of a devotee. Only if you have that kind of a surrender, that fearless surrender, that is when you know that your devotion is ripening. Otherwise it is still raw, still shaky. This we must learn. The one who learns this will truly understand the truth. The one who knows the truth alone can be in bliss. ‘Even if everything disappears from around me, I am still at peace because I know whatever is, God is with me all the time.’ That faith, that fearlessness is prerequisite for any spiritual Sadhana.