Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the best boon from God? – Bharat Scouts and Guides Meet – Valedictory Ceremony – Divine Discourse Summary – November 04, 2018

You have asked for the best boon that one can ask for and that is of Bhakti, devotion. What is Bhakti? Simply put, it is love for God. When you love someone, you do not want to do anything that would hurt them. When you love someone, you want to do all the things that would please the person whom you love. So, when you love God, you would do that which would please God and that which would not hurt God. For what does God love? He loves everyone. And therefore, He serves everyone, He looks after everyone. When you love God, it is but natural for you to love everyone because God loves everyone and when you love God, it is natural for you to serve everyone because love expresses itself as service. When you love God, there is no question of you harming anyone, committing anything wrong, doing anything wrong for it is not natural for you. And when you behave in that way, it is natural for you to be moral, to be righteous, to be correct in all situations.

So, My formula for a better world is in three simple steps: Daiva priti, love for God which leads to Papa bhiti, fear of sins and that leads to Sanga niti, or morality in society. Develop devotion and love for God. That will make you a better person who will not commit sins, who will not wrong others and that will bring peace and harmony in the society. Our Vedas declare that God exists everywhere, God exists in all, Ishvara sarvabhutanam, Ishvara sarvavidyanam. So when He is there in everyone, He is there in all places, should all places not be sacred and holy, should all people not be sacred and holy? But it is the lack of recognition of this truth that God exists everywhere, He exists in all that is leading to all the chaos and confusion in the world.

The message everybody has picked up from here is love all, serve all. If you find that also is a little too long a message, let Me cut it further short to just ‘Love all’ because love all is enough, serve all will happen on its own. Who is the richest in the world? The young people are the richest because they have something which cannot be even bought by wealth. Though you may not have wealth, you may not have all the abilities at this age, you may not have all the strength at this age, but definitely you have time on your side. Use this time to help others, to serve others and that way make your time worth, make your life worth.