Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the best service a Sai alumni can do? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri Celebrations – October 06, 2019 (Day 8)

I always say, good work is God’s work. Good is g-o-o-d; in that good, there is God, G-o-d. That is why all good work is God’s work. Whether this organisation does or that organisation does, it really does not matter. The whole world is one global village. And every country’s concern affects every other country. The problems of the society. Only government cannot solve it. Only institutions like ours cannot solve it by our own. Only people getting together cannot resolve these issues. But when all the three come together, then all these problems of the world can vanish.

Today we also have the alumni and alumnae of various campuses. There are elders who are now examples to the younger ones. That is all I expect from the elder students. Be an example, be an inspiration to your younger brothers and sisters because when they see you they really get inspired, they follow you. That is the best service you can do to your own institution, to the society at large, to your own brothers and sisters. Be exemplary citizens of this world. In every way – in thought, word, and action, be exemplary. That is the ideal, that is the standard that we must set for the rest of the world to follow. I see our Tyagajivis who have given everything, four five decades of their lives they have given in the service of society, the old roots are there for this institution. In our institution, I said, there is nothing called retirement. There is no retirement for God, then why retirement for you? We should always keep working to our capacity.

Education is an investment. The most important investment that the world can ever make is in educating the future. So, our elders, our society, the devotees and our alumni are all investing in the education of their own brothers and sisters. Now where else we can find such an example of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam? Where else? In our country, Udara charitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam. Nobody said, whole world is one family, only Indian people said, Indian seers and sages declared, whole world is only one family, not many. See, this example is being set here. There are devotees from so many countries who are here. They are all here to support this great cause of service. This body has been given for service. This is the message of our Vedas. This is the message of our Shastras, this is the message of our saints and sages. And the same message continues even today that we have been given this human life to be of some service to others. So, let us sanctify our lives, let us find fulfilment in our lives by being of some use to somebody.