Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the best use of your time? – Tamil New Year and Vishu – Divine Discourse Summary – April 14, 2018

Out of 84 lac species, human birth gifted by God is one of the rarest. Having received such a precious gift from God to be born as a human, one must use this birth in an appropriate way. That which differentiates human from other animals is The sense of duty or Dharma that makes human beings different from animals without which human beings are as good as animals. What is this Dharma? This body has been given in order to be of service to others. One needs to serve. This is the duty that differentiates a human from just being an animal. Being able to think of others, being able to sacrifice for others’ sake, being able to serve others is that which differentiates human beings from anybody else.

Dear ones, use every moment that has been gifted by God to you, out of trust and faith in you that you will use it well, in the service of others. While there is still time, one must use it well and what way is the best use of time? It is best used when it is used in service of others. It is all right if you cannot visit a temple and offer flowers and fruits and Daanam that is charity in these temples but if you visit a school and feed a hungry child and let some Anna or food go into the stomach of that child, there is no greater worship, there is no greater Yajna than this for Me. Go and do something for Him who resides in all beings by feeding a hungry person, clothing a person who is naked, sheltering a person who does not have a roof over head, giving health and education to those who lack – these are the gifts that God loves and will truly be pleased with.

Do not wait for everyone to join you, do not wait for the whole world to get transformed; you begin, you start. God is with you when you do good. Even a small service like giving breakfast in the morning to the children who are hungry can go a long way in transforming the society. In fact, when these children eat and they let out a belch of satisfaction, that truly fills My stomach. If we put some ceiling on our desires and do not go on becoming more and more greedy for that which is not even of use to us, then we can do a lot for others who are in need. On this New Year, let us all resolve that we will spend our time in a fulfilling way, in a way that would please God by serving others, by helping others as much as it is in our capacity.