What is the Dharma of Indians? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 30 June 2016

Food, sleep, fear and procreation are common to both human beings and animals. Only dharma distinguishes human beings from animals. A human being, who is bereft of dharma is worse than an animal. The dharma or the nature of water is to flow and provide coolness to everyone around. The nature of fire is heat – burning is its true dharma or nature. The dharma or nature of wind is to always keep moving. Similarly, the dharma of a human being is to follow atma dharma (the nature of the divine).

The first and foremost ideal, the dharma of Indians, is atma dharma. The teaching of Bharat, the nature of Bharateeyas is to recognise the presence of God in everyone and behave accordingly. There is only one atma, which pervades every creature. Whomever you worship, you are worshipping God only. Whomever you ridicule or criticise, even that also goes to God. For a person who looks at oneness of all creation, where is attachment, where is sorrow? Indians have always stood for and taught the truth that everybody in the world has only one principle, one atma, one God. Only when human beings recognise their divine nature, behave in a divine way and understand that everybody belongs to one family, can there be peace in the world. For a train to move forward, the engine is very important. When the engine moves forward, the compartments will also move forward. The whole world – other countries are like compartments in a train but India is like the engine. The responsibility of taking this train of the world on the rails of Sathya and Dharma, truth and right conduct, belongs to Indians.

Our children conduct themselves with discipline which comes from the ‘Source’. But the discipline that comes from ‘Force’ will be there only as long as force is applied. In the presence of a policeman, a thief behaves like a saint; once the policeman moves away, he begins stealing. That is morality by force. But for our children morality and discipline come from the Source.

What do you mean by ‘Vivekananda’? When you have viveka, you will have ananda – when you have discrimination, you will have joy. When you recognise with discrimination or viveka, what is permanent, what is impermanent, what is divine, what is not divine, then the whole world will be happy. It is My desire that you will conduct yourselves with this kind of discrimination and share the divine joy everywhere.

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