Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the first quality of a true devotee? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 31 July 2016

What is the nature of love? To love somebody who loves us, to hate someone who hates us, that is not true love at all. Love gives its love to everyone equally and does not differentiate between people. People may talk of love but what they experience is only Anuraga or attachment. Where there is no giving and taking, only then it can be called love. Divine love keeps on giving to everyone; it does not accept anything in return. It is in its nature to love and forgive everyone.

Manava Dharma, the ultimate duty of any man, is Prema Dharma, the Dharma of love. Love is the most important principle. Truth, righteousness, peace and nonviolence are the trees that have come out of the soil of love. These qualities, which are born out of love will become ours if we develop true love.

What is the first quality of a true devotee? You should not hate anyone. If you have to avoid hating anyone, you have to first develop love. When you have that kind of mind filled with love bereft of hatred, then you will have compassion and friendliness towards everyone. When a person develops these qualities of love, compassion and friendliness, he will not have any ego and attachments. When one is bereft of ego, he will be equanimous, both in pain and gain. The root cause of all sorrow and anxiety is having the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. If you analyse deeply, when you undergo any sorrow and anxiety, it is happening because of the ego. He is a true devotee who finds equanimity in both sorrow and happiness.

When we know our own true nature, we will not change. If a boy comes up to you and tells you, “You are not a man, you are an animal,” would you believe it? A person, when he knows the truth, cannot be misled by anyone. Similarly, when we know our true nature of love, we don’t change. Only those people who are not aware of their truth will be afraid. Truth has no fear. Love has no fear. Sacrifice has no fear. Fearlessly it keeps on doing its work. It is bothered neither by praise nor by blame.

We need not bother about others; we have to bother about ourselves. Ask of yourself the only question, “How am I doing things? How am I feeling? How am I thinking?” A person who is filled with love sees only love everywhere. Love is our property. What you have, you can give it to others. We should not bother whether they give anything back or not. Whatever is inside will come outside. Simply uttering like parrots ‘Love All Serve All’, ‘Help Ever Hurt Never’ is not enough. We can call ourselves true devotees only when we behave like devotees. Devotion is not external exhibition. Only when there is internal purity, we can know that we have true devotion.

God is love. Live in love.