Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the golden standard to lead one’s life?

One can give up one’s individual self for the sake of the family; one can give up the family for the sake of the community; one can give up one’s own community for the sake of the greater good of all; and at the end, one can give up everything – even the earth- for the sake of God. These words of wisdom from the Bheeshma Parva of Mahabharata are the guide posts for one to lead one’s life in a proper way. This is the golden standard for one to lead one’s life by making the right decisions at every step. When you have to make a decision in life, however small or big it may be, apply this yardstick of greater good of more compared to greater good of you.

Even one’s own mother, father, brother – Mata Pita Bandhu Sakha Guru– whoever it might be, if they come in your way to God, then definitely you have to choose God over everything else. Yes, all these people who sacrificed things for God’s sake might have suffered a little bit of discomfort, a little bit of setback, a little bit of difficulties initially but ultimately, they are the ones who attained the everlasting glory.  When our own mother, father, friend or guru come in our way to God, then obviously the dictum says that one must choose God above everything else. And when you have attained God, when you have received the grace of God by choosing thus, definitely God will look after everything else – all your duties, responsibilities and all that is needed for you and your family. Not only He will give you happiness and fulfilment in your life, but He will also ensure that all your people – Parijana – that is all your family and the relations will also find the highest happiness and fulfilment in their lives too.

We know what is right, what is correct, what is true, yet we do not have the will power or ability to do that. We know what is not right, what is not correct, what is not to be done yet we do not have the will power to avoid doing that and thus we come to our own destruction. Therefore, first and foremost, you do self-analysis and understand what is coming in your way. I wish and bless that all of you will pay great attention to these words of truth, the words of wisdom which have stood the test of time for centuries and ages and practise it in your own daily lives, benefit from it, find fulfilment and happiness.