Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the greatest joy you can experience on earth? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Palwal – November 28, 2019

God has to answer the prayers of the devotees. But how does He answer? He manifests through these selfless instruments in order to answer the prayer. All the doctors, nurses, every single person including the people who clean and cook and guard over this place, make sure the electricity is running, water is coming, make sure that medicines and supplies come on time, make sure that everybody is driven around wherever they come from and they reach their place on time, every single person is an integral part of this whole endeavour. This hospital because of its birth, it has saved so many children, so many birthdays have been celebrated because of this hospital’s birthday.                                    

Nothing comes closer in terms of the joy that we get when we serve selflessly. None of the joys of the world even come remotely closer to that experience of selfless love that a human heart is capable of experiencing. And these people are all the time immersed in that love. Definitely we can see it in their work, in their talk, in their walk. They were not the same when they came five years before. They came as professionals, they came as people with certain ambitions, ideas. But today they are people with such great values of selfless love, selfless service. And that is very heart-warming. To realise you and I are one, all it takes is to break down this wall, these narrow-minded walls, this selfishness which break it down and this side and that side becomes one. This Sanjeevani Hospital and all the institutions of service are just helping us break down this wall of difference between us and God, brick by brick, day after day.

I want to tell the doctors, nurses, whoever you come across, any child who is in need of education, once they reach an age of ten or twelve years, where our institutions can provide education to them, without any hesitation, just send them, they don’t have to write any exam, they don’t have to go through any process, their qualification is that they were operated here. That will be our endeavour to make the child whom we have saved live a life in service of the society and save many more lives in the process to come. When we began this mission, the mission was to set up thousand beds across the country. So far, we are closing around 600 beds across three facilities. Two more facilities have to come up in the next three years and that is a very very steep climb. Sanjeevani is bound to grow. There is no force on earth that can come in its way. And it is going to become one of the largest paediatric cardiac care hospitals in the world which offer completely free of charge service to whosever it might be.