Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the greatest prayer you can offer to God? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 01 September 2016

You may take up any number of activities but if your mind does not become pure, all that you do is a waste of time. The reward that you get depends not on the activity and actions that you take up but the feelings you have behind your actions. If you don’t have love and devotion towards God, worship will end up as a ritual and cannot become spiritual. When there is no purity of heart, it is like pouring pure water into an impure vessel. If the vessel is impure, you can’t drink the water in it. Only when we purify our minds, we get rewards that are commensurate with our activities. All kinds of worship, adoration and devotion to God that we have, should be backed up by pure emotions and purity of feelings. 

Four categories of devotees come to God. They are ‘Arthi’, ‘Artharthi’, ‘Jignasu’ and ‘Jnani’. The first category of devotees worship God because they are facing some suffering, some misery, some incurable disease; they want to get rid of it and get good health. Therefore, they worship God. The second category, Artharthis, worship God in order to gain worldly treasures, gold, wealth, vehicles, name, fame and authority. The third category – Jignasus – are spiritual aspirants; they come to God in order to know the ultimate wisdom, the truth of all creation. The fourth category – the Jnanis – are wise people; they approach God not with any worldly desires but with the only desire to taste the nectarine love of God. The nectarine love that you can gain from God cannot be found anywhere in the world. If you fill your hearts with such selfless love and shower this love on God, then that is true devotion. God is higher than both Mother and Father. You need not beg for anything from God; you should develop the firm belief and faith that He is my father, He is my mother, He will definitely look after my welfare. You have to develop the attitude of a true Jnani or a man of wisdom, who approaches God only to taste His love and not with any kind of worldly desires and prayers.

You have to give up all attachments, likes, dislikes and desires and then come for Satsang. Listen to the teachings with great concentration, go back and contemplate on those teachings and finally, put into practice those teachings.

If you come and pray for worldly desires, name and fame, I will grant it, if you come to Me with spiritual aspiration, I will fulfil that also and give you the spiritual gift. But for the fourth category of devotees who come to Me and tell Me, “Swami, I don’t want anything except Your love and Yourself,” I give Myself to them. When you come to God, you have to fill your heart with selfless love. You should know that when God becomes yours, the whole world also becomes yours. Therefore, whatever you ask from God, do it very carefully. The greatest prayer is “I want God,” because if you get God, you will get everything else.

If you want to really believe that God will look after everything, develop that kind of devotion or put in your effort, but sitting on the fence, being neither here nor there, is not right. Till you reach that kind of faith, you have to put in your effort. Human effort is required. Similarly, when you put in your effort, God also will grant His grace to you. Aspire to become good, to become a wise person, an Atmajnani and a devotee of God. Then, God will truly help you. One who is sincere, will get anything and everything in life.

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