Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the greatest relationship on earth? – 93rd Birthday Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – November 23, 2018

The whole universe is born out of love, the whole universe merges back in love alone, and wherever we see there is love and nothing else. This is the principle of pure love. Let us understand that. God is love, love is God.  

Shall I tell you the truth? Half of My day was not happy birthday, this half is happy birthday. From the time the sun rose in the east, I was waiting to come and meet all of you, be with all of you and show My love to all of you but this Narasimha Murthy told Me, “You cannot go here, You cannot go there, You cannot meet them, You cannot…” So, like a mother whose breast is full of milk which she wants to feed to the child but is unable to meet the child and the child is unable to meet the mother, is hungry for the milk, that was our situation in the morning, the situation of Mine and yours. As much as you wanted to meet Me, you wanted to see Me, you wanted to tell things to Me, you wanted to experience My love, let Me tell you a little more than that I wanted to meet you, be with you, love you and experience your love. There is no relation on this earth greater than this relationship of love between God and devotees.

You are the reason that I am here. You are the reason why I continue to be here. You are the reason why I live. You are the reason why I love. You are the reason for Me to be here. And therefore all credit should go to you to make Me be here because you are the reason, you are the cause of it. I am because you are; you are because I am. This is our inseparable bond. If I am, then you are; if you are, then I am. We cannot live without each other, we cannot exist without each other, such is our bond of love, unbreakable, inseparable. Let us keep this love always strong. Let us stay together, be together, love together in such a way that there is no other thought, no other feeling, no other relation should come in between us and no Narasimha Murthy at all. I am so happy, truly now only it is happy birthday for Me. I convey My heartful blessings on this day that not just this day but every day of our lives, let us love each other, live for each other, let us be together in our hearts in such a way that no force on earth should be able to separate us, should be able to break this bond of love. Let us develop such love.