Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the highest purpose of every human birth? – Second Anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani, Palwal – Divine Discourse Summary – December 2, 2018

The first and the foremost purpose of a human life is service. If other than service anything else is achieved using this human body, then I would not consider that human life to be worth living. Service done selflessly is the highest purpose of every human birth. Many want to do service, they have noble intentions but they do not know where, how, when, in what way they can render it. This opportunity of Sanjeevani is rarest to come by. Truly birth of Sanjeevani has been a birth that is worth because its birth has given birth to so many children. So many children are today able to celebrate their birthdays and will continue to do so for hundred years because a hospital like this was born two years ago. This hospital itself is a testimony to what human endeavour which is selfless and God’s grace which is abundant can achieve when it comes together. 

When you save the child, you save the very seed of life, you save the very human race, you save the future of the world. And every child is important in this glorious future of the world. When you sow one seed of selflessness, one seed of goodness in the fertile heart of a child, this seed has tremendous potential to multiply itself in times to come and become several trees which will bear several fruits and several more seeds and several more trees. And that is how the world can be transformed. For Me, good people are important and these good doctors, good staff, good volunteers and good devotees, all coming together is making such a good hospital happen and through that many more people are turning good, many more people are transforming. 

 My appeal to the doctors too that they look after their health, to spend some time not only working through their body but also have some time to calm your mind, to meditate, to recover from all the days work by spending some calm, quiet time by your side. So there should be some facility to help you keep your bodies healthy, minds also steady, and hearts pure. Our patients may come from all backgrounds, caste, creed, religion, geographies, we don’t care. The only thing that we care about is whether they need us and if they need us truly, they truly deserve us and we shall not turn anyone back for everyone is ours, our very own. God has thousands of hands, heads, feet, faces, eyes, ears. These are those representations of God. This is how he operates, this is how he does what he does. Therefore, I don’t have to separately appreciate or thank any of them because they are just My reflection in another form. So are you all. Very very happy.