Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the impurity that renders divine love impure? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 14, 2019

We are all born with this divine love within us. All other feelings, all other emotions are unnatural to us; the most natural, most spontaneous, most inner and innate emotion of every being is pure divine love. The same love which is being given to us by God as a gift when we are born, gets in a way contaminated, distorted by the associations that we make as we grow along. What is this impurity which contaminates this divine love? Desire! Desire renders this pure love impure. The purest love is the love for God which is bereft of all expectations, all desires. It loves for love’s sake. We love God because God loves us. There is no other reason why we must love God. Our joy is to simply love. Love itself is our own reward. Love expects nothing but love. Love gets nothing but love. Love fulfils itself by loving. It is unfortunate that this purest of the divine love is misunderstood, misinterpreted and misbehaved in a particular way in the world today because of ignorance.

To practise this kind of love, one can develop devotion for God because of all the kinds of love that is there in the world, this is the closest, this is the highest, this is the purest of all. Dear ones, there is no power greater than love. Purest love for God is the highest of all. Develop such love. That will alone help you to prosper, to gain everything, ultimately attain even immortality. Narasimha Murthy is praising, “Swami is doing so many things; it is only possible for Swami.” Narasimha Murthy doesn’t know the whole truth. The truth is it is love alone which is doing everything, achieving everything through Swami. Love was there before Swami, love is there with Swami, love will be there even after Swami, love is eternal, love is immortal, love is timeless.

You are offering roses without thorns. Truth is that love is this flower, desires are the thorns. Remove the desires and then offer this pure love to God. That is the significance of giving flowers without thorns. Truly devotion is only the true emotion. Rest all are loose motions. Therefore, devotion is the purest form of love. Love for God, love for everyone because God is in everyone. Only when we develop this love, love all serve all is possible in this world.  Really if you experience the true Divine love, let Me assure you it will destroy all the desires in you, it will render you free, it will render you pure, it will make you immortal, it will make you mad. That is the beauty of that love. Develop such pure love for God, thereby love for each other. May you all become the very embodiments of love. May you realise this love within yourself and everywhere else.