Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the Indian way of life? – Bharat Scouts and Guides Meet – Divine Discourse Summary – November 02, 2018

The great prayer, Shanti Mantra, from the Vedas says: Let us protect and be protected together. Let us learn together. Let us engage in all the actions together. Let our intellects shine with knowledge together. Let no one have any sorrow, any strife in life. 

The Indian wisdom always emphasises on togetherness. From ‘I’ to ‘we’ if the journey of an Indian mind. Breaking the shackles of the narrow-mindedness and embracing the idea that the whole world is a family, Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, is the Indian way of life. 

I am glad that we are able to celebrate this Indian thought of togetherness and not individuality through various organisations like these which are promoting fraternity and brotherhood of all mankind. 

We are most happy to have you all here in these institutions for these institutions belong not to one and not the other, it is for everyone. The very idea of these institutions is Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya, which means it is for one’s own emancipation and also for the welfare of the world. For, one is not possible without the other. Both are the two facets, two faces of the same coin. Without one, the coin will be a counterfeit one. Therefore, one’s own emancipation and well-being is not possible without the well-being of the rest of humanity. As the children of this nation, as the sons and daughters of this soil, this responsibility to ensure that your individual welfare happens along with the welfare of the rest of the nation and the humanity should be the supreme most principle that must guide this movement.

For the sake of serving others, this body has been given, Paropakarartham idam shariram, say the scriptures and we must use this body, this mind, these senses and all the abilities that God has bestowed upon us in the service of others through which ultimately, we realise ourselves.

You are all blessed that you are the children of the sacred soil of Bharat that has been the cradle of the civilisation, that has given the Vedas, the most wonderful wisdom of oneness to the whole humanity and it is up to you to take this message of India to all parts of this country and beyond through the great idea of loving and serving all. 

May you all enjoy and learn together as the scripture says, Sahana vavatu Sahanau bhunaktu Sahaviryam karavavahai tejasvinava dhitamastu ma vidvisha vahai. Let all of us learn together, work together and let us all be protected and let us protect everyone together, more than anything else this great culture, Samskriti, of India that of loving and serving everyone.