Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the least you can do for your spiritual upliftment? – Sri Rama Navami – Divine Discourse Summary – March 25, 2018

Whoever it might be, if only they take to the chanting of Lord Rama’s name, and they meditate on Lord Rama’s form, and the qualities of Lord Rama, they themselves will become Lord Rama, that is Divine. What can I say on this very auspicious Rama Navami day than this? If you cannot do anything, if you cannot do any other Sadhana, if you cannot travel to do pilgrimages, if you cannot go and do all kinds of Tapa austerities and Japa all kinds of chanting, at least take to the chanting of one name of Lord Rama which is equivalent to chanting all the Vedas and Shastras and Mantras and Upanishads. One name of Lord Rama is equivalent to the merits of doing all that.  Simply chant ‘Rama Rama Rama Rama’ in your heart and continuously do so, so much so that your mind should be completely absorbed into the chanting of this name and all the evil qualities will run away because of the power and the purity of the name of Lord Rama. This is the glory of the name of Lord Rama and one who chants it with complete devotion, with complete dedication, with all one’s heart will definitely attain Rama Himself. 

The sages and saints have sung the name of Lord Rama in such praiseworthy terms. This is the ‘sweetest of the sweet’ they called it. Yentho Ruchi Ra – it is so tasty to chant the name of Lord Rama. Sweeter than all the sweets, all the fruits is the sweetness of the name of Lord Rama. They say this is the Taraka Nama – this is the one that can take you across the ocean of Samsara. Therefore, all the children, elders, whoever you might be, at whatever age or in whichever position you might be, this is the simplest of the Sadhana that you can do from this moment onwards that is to say keep on chanting the name of Lord Rama within your mind and keep on thinking of Him in everything that you do. This itself is good enough a Sadhana for all of you to cross over the ocean of the world. 

One must take at least one message, make this Nama as the Nava or the boat with which you can cross over. This Nama itself is the Nava the boat that takes you across. May you all meditate on the name and the form of Lord Rama, imbibe the qualities of Lord Rama – that of Dharma and Tyaga and lead your lives in a divine way.