Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the message of Assisi? – Divine Discourse Summary – Assisi – March 28, 2019

Anybody who lives a sacrifice for the sake of others without any iota of selfishness remains immortal in the memory of people for generations and generations. Therefore, it is said, Tyagenaike amrutatvamanushsu, By sacrifice alone, man becomes immortal. St. Francis was not any king, he was not a wealthy man, he was not having children grandchildren, great grandchildren, yet we remember him today with great reverence, with great honour. We love him more than we love our own kith and kin. We respect him and worship him in our homes, in our altars. Because he lived a life of sacrifice, a life of service, a life of selflessness. So that is the only way to immortality. This is the message of this place. As we walk around in this place, it inspires us – the air, the sky, the earth, the water, the trees, the birds, they also sing the story, that glory of sacrifice that was represented by Francis and his brothers. 

Though I go to Rome for Maria’s sake, but I feel like coming to Assisi. To Me, Assisi is more sacred. Purity is here. Thousand years have passed. Still we remember them with great reverence. If St. Francis is an ideal for young men, Santa Clara is an ideal for young women. But I don’t tell you to leave your homes, wives and children businesses and offices and go off to some forest. I don’t say that.  I tell you to do whatever you are doing but do with greater love sacrifice for others, serve a little more than your own self and your own people, you can also walk on the path of God. He would say, “I would rather be a bird which sings God’s glory and lives at God’s mercy than being a high priest elsewhere.” That is simplicity. Spirituality is simplicity. Spirituality is humility. Spirituality is purity. Spirituality is divinity. Be simple, be humble, be pure; you will be divine. That is all is the message.  

Today first birthday of our Ashram. In times to come, it will grow. It is a baby, it is a one-year old infant. It will grow with time. But it has started. My blessings are there for those who have put all their efforts, done the service to establish this place. Because it has a great role to play in the future to guide many many young men and women towards the path of God. So, it is very important in My mission. See, you all have come from so many places to Assisi to be here and to be inspired. Take this inspiration back to wherever you have come from. Let a St. Francis emerge out of every man, let a St Clara blossom in every woman and let any place that you go to become an Assisi. This would be My wish. This would be My blessings.