Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the most dangerous disease affecting the youth of the world? – World Youth Meet Inauguration – Divine Discourse Summary – November 19, 2018

In the words ‘I want peace’ there are three words which are there and they must be considered carefully. There is this ‘I’ and then there is ‘want’ and finally there is ‘peace’. If you want peace, you have to get rid of both ‘I’ and the ‘wants’ and what remains is ‘peace’. How to remove ‘I’? When you think more of Sai, there will be less of ‘I’. If you think more of God, you will think less of yourself. So it is only love for God that can remove ego from our minds. To live in this world, we need to have some desires. But when we breach all limits of desires and go on accumulating and gathering things much beyond our requirements and in the process, we taint ourselves with various kinds of immoral and sinful actions, then it becomes dangerous. So Papabhiti, the fear of sin, is not known to a person who has limitless desires. The combination of these two – lack of devotion for God and more of ego and limitless desires which lead you to immoral and sinful ways – is the cause of lack of peace in your mind and thereby in the world too. 

Especially when you are young there are several dreams, several aspirations, several desires that you may have. There is nothing wrong in having all those as long as you do it with great devotion for God and you keep a limit and check on what you are desiring for. And then you will be at peace and all those who are around you will also experience peace because of you. More than cancer, (the young ones) are suffering from a disease called comparisons. They look at this person and that person and go on developing more and more desires. It is the fault of those who were supposed to lead them correctly. That is what is causing chaos and confusion in the world today.  

So this World Youth Meet has been organised this year with a difference. The difference is that our youth, Sai Youth, should be ideal, should be examples for other youths in the world in order to give them also the right direction, the right guidance through their own practice more than preaching. Once you lead your lives with great humility and surrender, once you check your desires and unwanted wishes and aspirations, then you become and example for other youth also to follow and that would be the best service that you could do as a youth. Humility is hallmark of greatness. The more you are great, the greater will be your humility. By doing good you are not doing favour to anyone else. The first person, the first beneficiary of all the good that you do is you yourself.