Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the most important thing to attain while being Swami’s student? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – February 24, 2019

It is love alone that is the relationship between God and His devotee. This love is such that one cannot exist without the other. If Sathya Sai’s compassion is like the vast expanse of the night sky, students become the shining stars and add to its glory. And if Sathya Sai’s love is like that of the vast ocean, the love of students is like that of the rivers that flow into Him and become Him. This is our relationship. Education, degrees, skills, marks, all these are secondary. Most important thing is to develop this kind of pure love, this bond of love and that is what will protect you, guide you and take you to your destination.

Just as in a seed, there is a tree hidden – the roots, the branches, leaves, fruits, flowers, all these are hidden in a subtle way inside every seed, likewise in this seed of Bhakti, all other things – Yukti, Shakti and ultimately even Mukti are all embedded. Once you sow this seed of love for God in the pure heart of yours and nurture it with the water of love, the rain of love, then it will grow into a beautiful tree of this devotion that will not only give you the fruits and flowers and the shade but also will also give succor, solace and shade to all the passers-by. All else can be attained in the world. This love for God has to come by the grace of God alone. That is how you all should pray. “Swami, everything else we will attain by Your grace. But most important thing that we want to attain while we are Your students is love for You and Your love for us.” Once you know this love, once you understand this love, once you experience this love, you become love. 

After having come to your hostel this morning, heard your songs and also talks, I feel very very blissful because you sang with so much of devotion, spoke with so much of love. You did all this not out of fear that Swami may scold us again but with love that we should please Swami, give joy to Swami and that has given Me great joy. You develop such love and spread it and share it with others, give joy to everyone. Last year it was ‘low school’; this year it has become ‘high school’. Should have high thoughts not low thoughts, high words no low words, high acts no low acts. Aim high, soar high. Low aim is crime. And the highest of all is love. In your acts, thoughts and deeds, everything should be full of love. Love, love, love.