Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the need of the hour? – World Youth Meet 2018 – Divine Discourse Summary – November 22, 2018

Good people are greater than God, as it is said, for it is only good people who can lead you to God. Therefore, whoever does good, is doing God’s work. God is not attracted by greatness, He is attracted only by goodness. If our education can make good people out of our children, then I would think our education system has succeeded. Swamiji just now said the best way to celebrate Baba’s birthday is to open more such education institutions which can shelter and provide right kind of education to more and more children. He is absolutely right in what he said. Dear children, much of that lies on your shoulder. When you grow up and become educated, become capable people, it is up to you to further this movement of education to more parts of the country and the world, reach it out to every single child who is in need of it and that would be the right way of conveying your gratitude to these institutions which are looking after you today.

The need of the hour is to put it into practice. A Sai student should stand by the very meaning of Sai, S-A-I. ‘S’ stands for service, ‘A’ stands for adoration, ‘I’ stands for illumination. Bhakti, Karma, Jnana a combination of all these three is a true Sai student. Serve others, that is your Karma yoga. Serve with love, that is your Bhakti yoga. Serve with love and the knowledge that the same Divine resides in all, that is Jnana yoga. “How do I serve Baba?” There is Baba in the person next to you, in front of you, behind you, around you and within you. More importantly, within you. Therefore, you are that, Tat tvam asi. Love all, serve all. With this you serve Baba. Through this you realise Baba. Through this you experience Baba at all times.  

Dear ones, there is much to be done, there is much to be achieved, there is much to be shared with the world and you are all getting ready to do just that. And I truly hope and trust you that you will live up to this responsibility, this great blessing that has come your way. And to the devotees who have sacrificed much for the sake of bringing the light of education, for bringing health, for bringing various other needs to these deprived sections of society, truly you are greater than God because you are good. We have so many good people gathered here. This is verily the heaven. This is nothing to look beyond this – there are good people, that is where God is, that is where heaven is. May you all lead a very happy life by making others happy. May you lead a very fulfilled life by fulfilling others’ lives. May you lead a life of absolute peace and bliss by giving peace and bliss to others.