Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the only thing you should pray for, by which you get everything? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 24, 2019

Truly prayer is the strength of a devotee and weakness of God. God can withstand anything but not a devotee’s prayer which is made sincerely. Whoever prays definitely becomes a deserving person to receive God’s grace. Children and elders, they all pray for many things as per their needs. Based on the kind of prayers they make, they are categorised into four kinds. The Arthis who come for the sake of some relief from a physical problem. Then there are Artharthis who come with some desire in their mind. Then there are those who pray to God to know the truth. But the highest and the best of the people are those who, simply love God so much knowing God is their everything they simply pray to God for God’s love’s sake. Out of all the kinds of prayers, this prayer is the best which prays to God for God’s sake. They don’t desire for anything, but they desire for God Himself. The one who prays thus receives everything without asking. 

That is why we must be very careful in asking God for anything. We must pray to God for God Himself because once we have God, we have everything. We must not be beggars in front of God for anything, but we must be biggers, we must think that we are one with God and therefore, to realise our divinity and oneness with God is our aim. That is why it is said, Don’t ask O mind, don’t ask because when you don’t ask, the things happen faster. When you ask, it may or may not happen. Without asking, has He not blessed Mother Sabari with the ultimate? Therefore, do not ask, O mind, do not ask for petty things from God. 

That should be our way. If you ask for God, God knows best what to give, when to give, how much to give, where to give, in what way to give – all these are known to God. With this faith in God, we must pray only for God for God’s sake. Truth does not need even five minutes to tell. Truth only takes one minute to tell but a lifetime to understand and achieve. We will talk more next time. You digest this, assimilate it and then benefit from it. Wherever you are, whatever is the situation, in whichever country, whichever place you are, do not ask for anything. When you lift your eyes up to pray to God, you pray only one thing: God, I just want You, I just want You.